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Developing a capability framework is a worthwhile investment for many organisations that want to close the gap in their strategic marketing capabilities…

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In the June edition of the LTEN Focus on Training magazine, we wrote an article on Omnichannel & the Evolution of the Marketing Role  that looked at whether a focus on omnichannel could be detrimental to marketing capabilities. We concluded that a continuing focus on the specific marketing skills and capabilities required for omnichannel activities has the potential to widen the strategic capability gap, which could lead to sub-optimal strategy development, including omnichannel, in the future.

Developing a Marketing Capability Framework

The ability to objectively and consistently assess current marketing capability levels is central to the development of marketing capabilities (strategic or otherwise). Individuals need to be able to identify their areas for development and companies need to know where to focus their marketing capability development to have the most impact.

Marketing capability or competency frameworks provide a consistent, structured approach to marketing capability assessment and development. They do so by:

  • Defining the specific marketing capabilities or competencies that are important to the organisation
  • Defining clear, specific behavioural descriptors for the different capability levels (for example, foundational, intermediate, advanced and expert)
  • Defining the expectations for different roles within the organisation by mapping different job roles to the individual capability framework levels so that people know what they are aiming for, either in their current role or a future one
Developing a Marketing Capability Framework

Once an organisation has a marketing capability framework, it is in a stronger position to create tailored development programmes aligned to that framework that allow for different levels of capability and experience.

Developing a Marketing Capability Framework

However, our marketing capability survey last year found that almost half of respondents do not currently have a clearly defined marketing capability or competency framework. Where they do exist, they seem to be underutilised. They are mostly used to shape marketing training or development initiatives and assess marketer capability for their development, but their use seems to be inconsistent. Furthermore, in most cases, they could be leveraged further as part of competency-based recruitment or to assess marketer capability for career progression.

Marketing capability frameworks do take time and resources to develop, but the lack of a framework may impact the company’s ability to assess marketing skills, identify areas for development and develop marketing training to address key capability needs. Developing a framework is a worthwhile investment for many organisations that want to close the gap in their strategic marketing capabilities to achieve better results.

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