Using tailored messaging to drive behavioural change

In our journey into Omnichannel so far, we’ve covered the key skills required and taken a closer look at behavioural segmentation. We will now concentrate on how we can use tailored messaging to either reinforce or change behaviours in those segments.

In pharma and healthcare, tailored messaging focuses on making messages specific to our segments. There are a number of ways that messaging can be tailored to a segment.

Customer personas

Tailored messaging should be aligned to realistic personas that bring the segment to life.

Personas act as a summary of everything that we know about the segment. They can help to build an understanding of what drives current behaviours.

Personas should be regularly updated based on new insights.

Data + agile implementation = powerful messaging

Implementation of powerful, tailored messaging relies on applying good quality, up-to-date customer data to constantly optimise your messaging performance.

Does your team have the skills needed to utilise tailored messaging as part of a successful omnichannel strategy?

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