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Is your marketing team ready to take cross-functional working to the next level?

Creating and executing effective marketing campaigns relies on teamwork between Marketing and a range of different functions, such as Sales, Medical and Market Access.


Cross-functional working can be challenging, with different teams having different priorities, goals and ways of working.

Cross-functional working

10 tips to help Marketing achieve cross-functional success.

Align goals

Ensure that crossfunctional goals are aligned with marketing objectives and gain buy-in from all parties.

Clearly define roles

Define the roles and responsibilities of each cross-functional team member to avoid overlap and miscommunication.

Align with brand values

Ensure all cross-functional activities are aligned with brand messaging and values for a consistent customer experience.

Empower the team

Empower cross-functional teams to make decisions and take ownership of their work and outcomes.

Cultivate leadership

Identify strong leaders within departments who can ensure everyone is effectively working together as a team.

Encourage support

Foster a supportive culture that encourages open communication and collaboration between teams.

Communicate effectively

Use clear and concise language to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Use technology

Employ technology to streamline processes, increase collaboration and improve overall marketing outcomes.

Be flexible

Different teams have different ways of working, so it’s important to be flexible and find a way to work together that suits everyone.

Give constructive feedback

Provide specific and actionable feedback to improve overall marketing outcomes.

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